Open House and Other School Events

Parents and guardians are the decision makers when it comes to the activities their children will join. School open houses are an easy way to meet parents at your school and tell them about Scouting’s promise to give their children advantages in life. 

  1. Reserve a table at your school’s open house night, supply drop-off, or other parent informational meeting.
  2. Create an eye-catching display that highlights the fun activities your pack participates in, and/or plan an interactive activity. Suggestions: mini-pinewood derby race, set up a mock campsite and tent, etc.
  3. Hand out flyers and ask parents to leave their contact information on your open house attendance sheet.
  4. Follow up with all interested families and remind them of the date, time, and location of join night.
  5. Include the top copy of the open house attendance sheet in your pack’s join night report envelope and submit to your district turn-in site on September 8.
New For 2016: Packs who enhance their recruitment effort by following the steps listed above for a successful open house promotion will be entered into a drawing to receive FREE pinewood derby cars for their entire pack!

Drawing Details:

  1. Six (6) packs will be chosen at random.
  2. Rosters must be received by September 8 to be entered in drawing. 
  3. Packs will receive one pinewood derby car kit for each Scout currently registered plus those who joined on September 8.


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