Samoset Council Staff

The staff of the Samoset Council support the efforts of over 2000 volunteers in our thirteen county area. Volunteers function most effectively with the assistance of a trained staff who devotes their careers to Scouting. Their function is to coordinate programs, furnish guidance in Scouting methods, and assist in the recruitment, training and inspiration of volunteers.

Position Staff Phone
Scout Executive Jeff Ottosen 715.355.1450
Director of Program & Support Scott Domino 715.490.2241
Development Director Adam Freund 715.409.9415
Camping Executive Troy Seehafer 715.365.3111
Communications & Special Events Executive Leanna Holzem 715.409.6486
Unit Serving Executive Dan Schmit 715.409.6155
Unit Serving Executive Janice Watson 715.409.0819
Unit Serving Executive Peter Ney 715.409.6637
Unit Serving Executive Amanda Flannery 715.409.6690
Unit Serving Executive Christine Reynebeau 715.409.6487
Unit Serving Executive Kristin Woller 715.490.0450
Customer Service Associate Deanna Pellegrino 715.355.1450
Customer Service Associate 715.355.1450
Scout Shop/Outreach Associate Austin Zurakowski 715.355.9680
Accounting Specialist Lanette Lemmer 715.355.1450
Crystal Lake Scout Reservation Ranger Elvis Bauman 715.490.1742
Camp Phillips Ranger Ron Stange  


 Samoset Council, Boy Scouts of America
 3511 Camp Phillips Rd, Weston WI 54476
 715-355-1450 (phone) | 715-355-9849 (fax)

Samoset Vision: Every youth prepared for tomorrow's challenges.