Samoset Council Board of Directors

Executive Committee (Board Officers)
Thad Brockman President Chris Toner Legal Counsel
Rick Radloff Council Commissioner Todd Toppen Treasurer
Chris Nepper VP - Program  Dale Morehouse VP - Membership
Marcia Tepp VP - Administration Dick Amelse VP - Properties
Dr. Marjorie Miller VP - Financial Development Dr. Marsha Salzwedel VP - Leadership Development
Additional Executive Board Members 
Dennis Blaser Advancement Committee Chair Karen Rajek Executive Board at Large
Roger Dillon Activities Committee Stephanie Smith Marketing Committee Chair
Chris Donovan Executive Board at Large Jeremy Thompson Strategic Planning
Mike Franson Venturing Committee Chair Drew Morehouse OA - Youth Representative
Roger King Scouting Outreach Chair/CFOS Co-Chair Eric Wangen Marketing Committee
Peter Brey Executive Board at Large Brian Sackmann Executive Board at Large
Michael Murphy CFOS Co-Chair Brett Woller Camping Committee
Alan Panek Investment Committee Chair Mark Wood Camping Committee Chair
Dr. Fred Prehn Executive Board at Large Brian Rivet Executive Board at Large
John Mabry Nominating Chair Dave Schult Activities Committee Chair
    Jesse Tischer Executive Board at Large

 Samoset Council, Boy Scouts of America
 3511 Camp Phillips Rd, Weston WI 54476
 715-355-1450 (phone) | 715-355-9849 (fax)

Samoset Vision: Every youth prepared for tomorrow's challenges.