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Our Mission & Vision:

To support the camp staff of today in their mission to deliver the Tesomas Experience to scouts of all ages, and to provide
those who have served on camp staff a place to stay connected to their fellow alumni and to camp.

About Us:

The Samoset Council has prided itself in providing the finest camping programs in Scouting nationwide, and along with
fine programs, the best staff to carry out those programs! The SCAA encompasses the Crystal Lake Scout Reservation,
comprised of Tesomas, Akela’s World and Hanna Venture Base. The SCAA also includes staff from Camp Chickagami
and winter camp programs.

Whether you worked one summer or 15 summers, we all have special memories of a place which changed our lives. The
SCAA hopes to give you the opportunity to experience camp once again and to connect you with other alumni through
alumni events and fundraisers both at camp and in our communities.

Through financial gifts, the SCAA also hopes to provide:

  • Free and low-cost activities for current camp staff to boost staff morale and provide an opportunity for staff members to connect in a recreational setting with other current staff and alumni.
  • Improvements to facilities primarily used by staff such as new furniture and televisions in staff lounges.
  • Program funding and capital investments at camp that are not generally covered by the annual camp budget which will improve camper’s experience.

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Upcoming Events
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Fundraising Goals

In 2022, we are fundraising to help support two main programs, the first being our brand-new Security Deposit
Matching Program. As you may remember, each staff member has $25 of their first paycheck withheld as a housing
security deposit, and at the end of the summer each staff member has the option of receiving their $25 back, or
donating it to improve camp. It’s a great way for each year’s staff to “pay it forward” to next year’s staff and campers,
and the SCAA would like to help this year’s staff double their impact on camp. Our goal is to match the staff’s
contribution dollar-for-dollar, and in collaboration with CLSR leadership decide which camp project(s) the donation
should fund during the SCAA’s annual meeting.

Second, we are looking to raise money to fund the Alumni Takeover Weekend. Our goal is to make the event free for all
current staff and to keep the registration fee for alumni as low as possible. We will be funding three meals for the staff
during the weekend - our BBQ, dinner during Christmas in July, and breakfast on Sunday during the SCAA annual
meeting. We’re also hoping to purchase outdoor games for the BBQ that can be donated to camp for camper and staff
use after the event.

We are always on the lookout for meaningful projects where SCAA support can make a big impact on the camp program
and staff morale. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know! We are also looking for both alumni and
current staff input on fundraising and worthwhile camp projects during the SCAA annual meeting this summer.
To make a donation, please click the link below and select “Samoset Camps Alumni Association” as the recipient. We
hope you will consider donating to support camp and the staff today!

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Upcoming Event: Alumni Takeover Weekend

How many times have you wished you could put the real world on pause and go back to camp? Being an adult leader for
a week or visiting for a reunion weekend definitely helps… but there’s nothing quite like the magic of being on staff.
Fortunately, this summer you will have a chance to jump back into your camp staff days!
This summer, The Samoset Camps Alumni Association will host our first-ever Alumni Takeover Weekend. Starting on
Thursday night of Period 5 at Tesomas Scout Camp, the Alumni will be “taking over” camp and making our presence felt!
We’ll be taking on songs, flag, campfire skits, serving, announcements, and helping the staff with merit badges and area

On Saturday, we’ll take over cleaning the Dining Hall so the staff can get a head start on their patrol duties to try to start
the weekend early. We’ll then host a beach party and BBQ for the staff and spend an afternoon having a blast by the
shores of Crystal Lake. Saturday night will conclude with the alumni hosting Christmas in July for the entire reservation,
serving food, leading songs, and getting in on the “holiday” spirit!
Sunday morning will conclude with a continental breakfast to fuel everyone up for the SCAA’s annual meeting with both
alumni and current staff. We will have SCAA Board Elections - information will be provided closer to the summer on how
to run if you are interested! We’ll also discuss our fundraising efforts, how people can get involved, and discuss where
the SCAA can most help camp.

Alumni will be able to sign up for the entire event, or just a portion of it if that is all your schedule allows. Our goal is to
keep the event entirely free for current staff, with a nominal fee for alumni to attend to help cover costs. At registration
there will be an option to donate an additional amount to support the event as well as camp projects.
If you are interested in helping to plan and run the event, please email Ben Wohlleber ( for
more information on how to get involved! The registration link will be posted here when available
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Upcoming Event: Milwaukee Brewers Game & Tailgate

All alumni and their families are invited to get together for a tailgate party and Brewers game on Saturday, May 21. What
are the details and will there even be a baseball season? We don’t know! What we do know is we’ll likely meet up at 4
p.m. and do the traditional tailgating stuff with ways to raise some money. Specifics will be planned around how many of
you want to join us. Let us know as soon as you can on our SCAA Facebook page. No Facebook? Email Chris Burish
( to let him know you’re interested in going.

Leaders Wanted: Run for SCAA Board!

Per the SCAA Articles of Association, the SCAA Board has seven directors, each serving a two-year term. This year, four
board seats are up for election. We encourage anyone interested in running, or who would like to nomination someone
to fill our our Board Application. The election will take place at the SCAA’s Annual Meeting on July 24th, as part of the
Alumni Takeover Weekend.