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While a centralized, online platform for keeping track of units, Scoutbook is not without its flaws. If you're facing issues with Scoutbook, here are a few steps and resources to help you tackle some of the most common issues. If you're unable to find a solution to your problem through these means, there is a link at the bottom of this webpage that allows you to submit a help ticket to the trusted team behind the Samoset Scoutbook Help Desk. 

Common Issues and FAQ

If you're experiencing issues with your Scoutbook, here are the solutions to a few common issues faced by units. 

Q: I'm not seeing a participant on my unit roster, but I know I turned their application into the Council. 

A: Scoutbook requires an overnight sync, so please allow a few business days to allow the app to be processed and to account for that overnight sync. Please do not enter the individual in using the "Add Member" feature on the roster. This creates a "shell account" in the system, which isn't able to sync with the application being processed by the council, making it impossible for any actions to be performed on the individual by the pack admin. If you do not see the individual appear on your roster after 1-3 business days, please submit a help ticket below with as much detail as possible. 

Q: Our new Committee Chair is on our roster, but it doesn't list them as Committee Chair. 

A: First, verify that the prior Committee Chair has an expiration date on their position. This can be done by going to your unit roster, clicking on the name of the individual, clicking on their "positions" and inputting an end date to their term. This end date must be put in before a new individual can be appointed. Once this is done, click on the name of the new Committee Chair and verify that a start date to their position has been inputted. Note: This process can be performed with any exclusive role within a unit (E.G Cubmaster, Chartered Org Rep, Executive Officer, etc.) 

Q: I don't have access to our unit Scoutbook. Can't the Council just go in and fix it? 

A: Currently, Council staff have virtually no access to individual unit Scoutbooks. 

Resources and Training 

Don't see your issue above or want to become your unit's Scoutbook expert? Take a look at these resources put together by the National BSA to give you the tools to answers your most pressing Scoutbook questions. 

Scoutbook Sandbox Environment - By clicking "Login" in the upper right-hand corner, you can select a Sandbox login to see what Scoutbook would look like for each position. This is a really good tool to use to practice playing around with Scoutbook, without the risk of messing anything up in your own units roster. There are some features that aren't available because this is a shared Sandbox environment. 

Recharter Help Video 



Click here to submit a Scoutbook ticket to Samoset Council. 

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