Samoset Strategic Plan

Pillar 1: Strengthen Our Units Through Exceptional Service

Samoset Council and its districts exist to serve youth and families in our communities. Youth and families receive the greatest benefits from Scouting by participating in quality programs at the unit level. Our top priority is to provide exceptional service to each Scouting unit to assist unit leaders in delivering quality programs to youth and families.

Pillar 2: Deliver High Quality & High Value Program

To supplement and enhance the quality programs at the unit level, Samoset Council will mobilize its resources to carryout district and council level programs and activities for the benefit of youth and their families. Council and district programs will focus on building stronger unit-level programs for youth and their families resulting in fun challenging outdoor experiences that instill values, self-reliance and self-confidence.

Pillar 3: Develop Leaders at All Levels of the Council

The highest quality programs require the most passionate and highly trained volunteers, youth leaders and staff. We will provide ongoing leadership development and training opportunities for volunteers, youth leaders and staff through basic training, advanced training and ongoing supplemental training. This includes development of leadership, teamwork and life skills in the youth that we serve.

Pillar 4: Extend the Reach and Impact of Scouting in Our Communities

Scouting makes its positive impact on our communities one youth and one family at a time. Our goal is to reach every youth and every family with opportunities to experience the incredible character development and once-in-a-life-time adventures in Scouting. We are committed to fostering strategic partnerships and community relationships that will help us expand the reach and the impact of Scouting.

Pillar 5: Tell Our Story

We will engage our membership and the public through concentrated efforts to communicate Scouting’s positive impact and service to the communities making up Samoset Council.

Pillar 6:  Practice Sound Stewardship of Council Resources

The long term stability and security of Samoset Council is dependent on our ability to be wise stewards of our resources. We are committed to sound stewardship of all our resources, including; council-owned properties, finances and the countless hours of time contributed by our amazing volunteers.

Full Strategic Plan (PDF)

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Samoset Vision: Every youth prepared for tomorrow's challenges.