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December 14 - Ojibwa Roundtable, Marshfield

January 4 - Rib Mountain Roundtable, Weston

January 6 - TKC Winter Banquet

January 8 - American Labor Merit Badge

January 18 - Citizenship in the World Merit Badge

February 1 - Rib Mountain Roundtable, Weston

February 1 - Rib Mountain Winter Camporee
March 9 - University of Scouting

The Scout Office and Shop will be closed December 22 - January 1 so staff can spend time with their families and friends.  May all the joys of the holiday season fill your heart and follow you throughout the coming year.

Details Here - Online Calendar


Winter Camp 2024
Are you looking for something to do with your Pack, Troop or Crew this January or February? Join us for Winter Camp and enjoy the winter wonderland of Wisconsin!  Space is filling fast.

Akela's World Summer Camp 2024

Summer camp is believed to be the highlight of the year.  Our program is designed for each cub scout rank in mind.  Scouts will spend the weekend immersed in the theme with fun costumes, characters, and skits.  This summer theme will have Scouts on a quest to discover the great treasure hidden at camp.  Units are encouraged to reserve space now.

Camp Director

Please join us in congratulating the following individuals who will be serving as Camp Directors in 2024.

Tim Sanford - Hanna Winter Resort

Jack Vail - Polar Cubs

Zach Steinberger - Tesomas Summer Camp

Logan Wells - Akela's World Cub Scout Camp


It’s official!  The Cub Scout program will be updated for the 2024-25 program year.  Over the past several years the National Cub Scouting Committee under the leadership of past chair Lisa Wylie and current chair Audrey Oakes has identified four areas to improve the Cub Scout program to ensure that it is fun, simple, and easy.

Learn more using the links below:

Naitonal BSA Site (Link)
Three Things We Learned (Aaron on Scouting Link)


Each year, recognition is given to those Scouters who have shown outstanding service to the Scouting program within the council. Recognition of a person’s time and contributions are very important.  Below are the council awards that will be given out at the University of Scouting event on March 9, 2024.

  • Distinguished Service Award: Nominees should show outstanding leadership and service to their unit and community that was above and beyond their normal Scouting responsibilities.

  • Silver Beaver: The highest award the council can bestow upon a volunteer. This award is given to those who have given continued, unselfish and effective service to the community and Scouting.

The selection committee will consider all nominations. You may nominate as many people as you wish. Remember nominations are confidential. To avoid possible disappointment, do not advise nominees of your action on their behalf.

All nomination must be submitted on or before February 1, 2024.

Submit Nominations


Congratulations to all who participating in our fall popcorn sale.  The council sold over $875 thousand dollars in popcorn.  Money from this sale goes directly to support Scout programs in north-central Wisconsin.   

Top 10 Selling Units

Pack 118 - $26,046

Troop 427 - $25,311

Pack 660 - $24,816

Pack 298 - $24,148

Pack 296 - $23,288

Troop 601 - $20,546

Troop 439 - $20,331

Pack 458 - $20,281

Troop 435 - $18,679

Troop 548 - $18,506

Need a holiday gift?  All popcorn is 25% off at the Samoset Scout Shop.  


The new year is almost here, which means it's time for winter banquet! On January 6th, the zombies will take over St. Therese Catholic School in Schofield, and it's up to all arrowmen to stop the invasion! From 4:00 - 8:00 pm, come join us for some intense zombie fun, food, and fellowship! Sign up while you still can at , and prepare to build your ultimate lego pinewood derby car to escape the zombies! 


The Samoset Council budget is comprised of several pieces, one of which is our annual Friends of Scouting (FOS) campaign.  Last summer the Samoset Executive Board approved a council program fee of $28 per registered youth and adult member.  This took effect for new members that joined since October 1.  Renewing members are charged this program fee during the charter renewal process.  This fee replaces the past practice of a Family FOS unit presentation campaign.

The program fee only accounts for 33% of our of Friends of Scouting budget. The remaining 67% still needs to be raised.  With the introduction of the program fee, the council made the decision not to conduct unit presentations.  However, volunteers and staff will continue phone calls and direct mail to solicit FOS gifts.

Your gift to FOS ensures:

  • Every youth in our 13-county area has the opportunity to be a Scout, no matter the economic circumstance.  Families can request assistance for the National BSA membership fee, Samoset Council program fee, Scout Handbook, and Scout uniform assistance online (

  • First-class camping programs at Akela’s World, Tesomas, and our winter camping programs.

  • Support and training for more than 1,300 volunteer leaders that make the Scouting program possible.

  • Materials and program development for the exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that only can be found in Scouting.

  • A safe and fun Scouting experience with insurance for Scouting activities. 

Additional Information:  

Samoset 1920 Society 

Become a sustaining supporter of Samoset Scouting by joining the 1920 society. This program honors the year Samoset became a BSA Council. Each donor who makes a minimum donation of $230.40 will receive a limited edition coin featuring one of our Scout properties. The 2024 coin features Akelas World, our Cub Scout camp property in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

You can renew your membership (or join for the first time) using the link below.  All gifts will be applied toward our 2024 Friends of Scouting campaign unless otherwise specified. 

Samoset 1920 Society


The following Scouters passed away in 2023.  Their service and passion to Scouting will be truly missed.

Anderw Paprock

Irv Bork

Ray Knihtila

Ryan Wood

Dan Zieher

Paul Witt

Jerry Zygowicz

Scott Lovestead

Shirley Sackmann


There is magic to camping in winter. It is one of the most challenging outdoor adventures. However, potentially extreme weather conditions, cold temperatures, and unique hazards associated with outdoor winter activities require careful planning to ensure safety.  Check out the link below to learn more.

Winter Activity Safety