Pack Program Planning

Would Your Pack Like:

  • More parental involvement?
  • Better retention?
  • Enough money to do all your activities with less time spent fund-raising?
  • Cub Scouts to be simpler, easier, and more fun?

The first step towards achieving these objectives is to create a program plan for the upcoming year. Excellent Cub Scout packs know that a great program doesn’t just happen: packs must take the time to plan and organize for the year ahead. Planning helps prevent conflict and last-minute problems, and ensures a safe, successful program. The Pack Program Planning Guide contains resources to help your pack create a plan for the best possible year of Cub Scouts. 

Did You Know?

Research conducted by Eli Lilly in Indianapolis, Indiana, showed that a common element of strong packs is they all have a good annual program planned a year in advance that is shared with all families in the form of a calendar. The important result of a shared annual program calendar is that your pack will attract more families and Cub Scouts will stay involved longer.




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