Samoset Districts Discontinued

Historically, the Samoset Council has been divided into geographical districts. Beginning in 2018, the council will no longer function under the district operations model, there are no longer districts.

Events, such has Camporees, Roundtables, Training, etc., that have historically been planned and carried in each district will continue to happen.  These events are provided as a service to Scouting units, Scouts and volunteers.  As we move forward, Samoset Council will continue to provide these events at various locations throughout the council, making them accessible to our units.

Each unit will continue to have a Unit Serving Executive (formerly known as a District Executive) assigned to their unit.  Unit Serving Executives work hard to mobilize volunteers and resources to support volunteer leaders who deliver the Scouting program at the unit level.  They can be a tremendous resource to your unit.

Each unit will also have a Unit Ambassador assigned to their unit.  Unit Ambassadors are volunteer Scouters who serve as mentors and friends to each unit.  Your Unit Ambassador will contact key unit leaders on a regular basis to offer a hand of fellowship and support. 

If you have questions about how the Samoset Council will operate moving forward or need assistance of any kind, please call us at 715-355-1450.  Our Scout Executive, Jeff Ottosen is also happy to answer questions about these operational changes.  You can email Jeff at jeff.ottosen@samoset.org.



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