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2020 Friends of Scouting

In 2020, Samoset Council is thrilled to be celebrating 100 years of youth development and service to our communities in North Central Wisconsin!  Samoset Council has not wavered in its commitment to developing youth through leadership, service, and adventure.  Over the years, thousands of caring adult volunteers have been mentoring and guiding youth through Scouting.  Today, more than ever, youth in our communities need Scouting to help prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges.  The Scouting program relies on community minded investors like you to impact youth.  On behalf of all Samoset Council Scouts, we thank all our generous donors for your support.  Every gift, no matter the size, provides Scouting opportunities for youth across North Central Wisconsin.  Someone will be sharing the Scouting story and inviting you to donate at one of your upcoming unit meetings.  If you would like to donate in advance, please follow this link:

Thank you for your commitment to youth!

Camping Events 2020

Outdoor Adventure has always been a core part of Scouting, especially in Samoset Council. We provide many advancement opportunities that take advantage of our beautiful outdoor setting. Join us for one or more of these adventures! 

Cub Scout and Scouts BSA Camping Events 2020

Tesomas Summer Camp offers camping programs to Scouts BSA and Venturers. We have troops and venture crews from across the country come to Tesomas every year. We only have openings from June 28-July 4th, July 5th-July 11th, August 2nd-August 8th, and August 9th- August 15th. Contact Samoset Camping at 715-365-3111 to learn more and signup.

Akela's World offers summer programs for Cub Scouts and Webelos. With activities like BB-Guns, archery, slingshots, sponge wars, swimming, hiking, fishing, crafts, advancement, and campfires you're sure to have an out of this world experience. You can register here.

Please note that registration for 2021 opens on March 1st, 2020! Remember to register early to get your preferred week. 

Popcorn Recap

Thank you all for your dedication and time spent on the 2019 Samoset Council Popcorn Sale! Selling over $1,050,000 in popcorn goes a long way in supporting Scouting in North Central Wisconsin! Seventy percent of the money raised supports Samoset Council.

Here are some of the highlights from the 2019 sale:

  • 1,837 Scouts sold popcorn which brings in an average of $571 per Scout.
  • 630 Scouts hit the $600 mark to earn the camp certificate
  • 259 youth sold $1,000+ to earn unlimited slushies at camp
  • 24 youth sold over $2,500
  • The top seller sold $7,535! Way to go RJ!
  • Troop 435 had the biggest sales at $25,795

New Chartered Partner of the Year Award

Each year in February, Samoset Council, Boy Scouts of America, holds its Annual Meeting.  The purpose of the meeting is to receive annual reports of the executive board, elect members at large and honorary members of the council, receive and approving financial statements showing the most recent year end results of operation, and other business.

Samoset Council Annual Meeting
Wednesday, February 19 at 6:30 PM
3511 Camp Phillips Road, Weston, WI 54476

Your chartered organization representative is a voting member of Samoset Council!  Most don’t know of this responsibility.  Please reach out to your unit’s registered chartered organization representative and encourage them to attend.  They have already received a “save the date” post card in December and we will communicate with them a couple more times before the meeting to encourage them to attend.

In addition, Samoset Council realizes how important the chartered partner (sponsoring organization) relationship is for your Scouting unit.  We have created a special Chartered Partner of the Year Award.  We hope you will consider nominating your chartered partner for this recognition that will be presented at the annual meeting.  Nominations for the award are due by Monday, February 3.

The nomination form is at this link 

Winter Camporees!

Do you love winter weather and outdoor activites? Scouts BSA Winter Camporees will be here before you know it. Have you registered yet? Don't miss out on fun activities like a snowman contest, sled building skills, and winter survival skills with the opportunity to camp outside overnight.

Game of the Month

Tower guard

Time: approx. 10-15 min., depends on group size

Recommended age:  all ages, from 6, if necessary, adapt the rules

Size of group:  10 persons or more

Time for preparation:  none

Material:  Bell, cord, chair

Game description

Everybody comes to form a circle with one chair in the middle. This chair has a bell attached. The game leader chooses a tower guard who has to sit in this chair with his eyes closed. The task is for the other children to sneak up and ring the bell on the chair. If the watchman hears a sound, he is to point in the direction the sound is coming from. If the tower guard was correct, the child sneaking up to the chair has to go back to its seat and another child gets a go. The child, who eventually manages to ring the bell becomes the next tower guard.

BOGO Popcorn Sale!

The Scout Shop has a lot of popcorn that needs a new home. That is why we are giving you this wonderful sale! First come, first serve so stop by and stock up while supplies last!  You can call ahead and reserve your popcorn order by purchasing over the phone with a credit card! Call anytime during business hours at (715) 355-9680.

Safety Moment

Beyond camping, a number of cold-weather activities present challenges to Scouts and leaders, such as alpine or cross-country skiing, ice skating, sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and snowshoeing. Essential ingredients for fun include skill training and an awareness of the hazards unique to these activities.

Learn more by clicking Winter Sports.